Don’t depend on powders and pills!

October 18, 2015 by FINENutrition

I hear it frequently! I’m pretty sure you have heard it too. The golden question at many gyms or when someone is making a positive body/health transformation: “WHAT ARE YOU TAKING?” Ha! While in some cases, people will take supplements to speed up their progress, most have worked hard and stayed focused on their nutrition and training. Think about it. You walk into a supplement store and they have 1000’s of weight loss products. What works? Which one is the best? I’ve tried  a lot of products. Do I have a cover model body? Nope! Just because you take supplements does not mean you will achieve drastic body composition changes in a short amount of time. The key is to not depend on pills and powders. The key is to focus on your everyday eating habits and exercise. I know it is what most don’t want to hear, but it is the truth! Spend your money on whole foods. Invest in good recipe books, gym memberships, personal training, massage therapy, etc. This will help improve your overall health and change your body composition in a positive way. Don’t get me wrong, good supplements with a solid nutrition and training program will help! The first two need to be in place before investing $100’s of your hard earn money into pills and powders. I will save the recommended supplements for another post. So next time you see an old friend or family member with a positive body change, don’t ask them WHAT THEY ARE TAKING, ask them WHAT ARE THEY EATING AND HOW ARE THEY TRAINING!

Stay Balanced My Friends,
Eric Estrada RDN, LD
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